About Us

Bringing well-known Southeast Asian treats to your doorstep in London, one bite at a time!

Hungry Tapir was founded in London by a group of friends from Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong! After the UK lifted its COVID travel ban in 2022, we eagerly dashed back to our home countries for the first time in three years. During our time home, we had some of the most incredible food! This included Kaya Toast, a cult-favourite breakfast in Southeast Asia. Soft, white bread is toasted then slathered with Kaya (a sweet and creamy coconut curd jam) and butter, served alongside soft-boiled eggs with soy sauce and white pepper to dip into.

However, upon returning to London (with pants that were a lil’ snugger), we found it difficult to find good sources of Kaya an other lesser known, cult-favourite foods from Southeast Asia.

Because of this, we kickstarted our journey into producing our own range of Kaya products. Our Kaya is handmade weekly through small batches in East London, using quality ingredients sourced from local Asian supermarkets. We also take care to not mess with any preservatives and artificial colourings in our products!

You can buy our kaya online via our website, through the DELLI app, or visit us at our food stall that we run every Saturday at Upmarket, Brick Lane in London, where we sell a mix of Southeast Asian foods and drinks. The food stall is our creative outlet to share what we’re currently inspired to make, and as a result our menu is always on rotation and nothing stays on there for too long!