Deliveries & Returns


Do you deliver your Kaya? What are your delivery charges?

Yes, we deliver directly to your doorstep. By purchasing through our website. You will get the option to choose having our products delivered to you at the checkout screen. Delivery cost will be £3.50 and it will take 1-2 working days once shipped.

When do you deliver/ship out your products?

We ship our jars of Kaya every week on Mondays. The cut-off day for orders to be shipped on the following Monday is Wednesday.

Can I track my order?

Yes! Once the order has been accepted and the shipping label has been created, we will provide you with an order tracking ID - you will then be able to track your order on the courier’s website directly.

Can I collect my order in person instead?

Absolutely! You can collect your order in person at the food stalls that we operate every Saturday across various locations in London. Picking up your Kaya in person means you’ll get a chance to try out other food and drinks we have to offer - only available at our stall! Check out our Instagram bio @hungrytapirldn for our opening hours.

Returns and Exchanges

What do I do if there is an issue with the product?

If there is an issue with the product, such as damage during shipping, we will gladly assist you with a replacement or refund. Do reach and explain to us what was the issue you had faced. We will be more than happy to find a solution for you.

Can I cancel my order?

We understand that plans and circumstances sometimes change. We ship out our Kaya for delivery on Mondays, so you can cancel your order up till the Friday before shipping, so it gives us time to process the cancellation. Alternatively you could reach out to us directly let us know that you’re cancelling your order. We will then confirm cancellation via email.

How can I reach out to you?

For any returns or exchanges, please see details on how to contact us.