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Where do you source your ingredients for your Kaya?

The ingredients for making Kaya in London can be tough to find, but luckily we have some excellent Asian supermarkets in London that have quality produce!

Having quality ingredients is important especially for pandan leaves, a key ingredient in our core Kaya products, which comes from a tropical plant and is used widely for its uniquely aromatic flavour and natural green colour in Southeast Asian cuisines. It’s also used to balance the sweetness from the coconut milk and rock sugar in Kaya!

Besides Kaya, pandan leaves are also a popular ingredient in many traditional desserts and sweets across Southeast Asia, like rice cakes, puddings, jellies, and other coconut-based desserts. If you’re a fan of baking and making desserts, we would highly recommend using pandan leaves in your next recipe!

Fun fact: we sometimes sell pandan-flavoured cakes in limited quantities at our pop-up food stall at the food market Upmarket in Brick Lane, London. So make sure to come visit our food stall and stay tuned to our social media to grab a slice!